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We have developed a system that delivers results for high profile politicians, celebrities, sports stars, authors, innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Donations, Votes, and Sales

This is what you want when you’re running for office and running a business.

You started on this road because you’re passionate about your mission & purpose.

Problem is, there are obstacles between you and your vision.

You might work your butt off, burn out and have nothing to show for it. You might waste a ton of time trying social media tactics that do nothing for your bottom line.

Working with a fully trained Social Media Manager from The Social Guild is your solution.

Imagine having an expert social media manager on hand, acting as your compass and map that lets you navigate treacherous seas of the social media landscape.

Our Social Media Managers work with us to stay on top of current trends, provide guidance and give you the support you need to boost your social media exposure in ways that accelerate you toward the donations, votes, and sales you desire.

That’s where you’ll accomplish something truly worthwhile – big impact and legacy.

I believe the world needs more people who create positive global impact – leaders ready to tackle the challenges we share as a community. Amplifying these powerful messages and helping you reach your audience is our mission!

Are you ready to put your mission on the fast track to success?

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What our clients are saying:

June 2015

Jen and her team supported my social media presence during the UK General Election campaign 2015. I have no doubt that their advice and practical support helped me to win my constituency election by raising engagement, boosting influence and hugely increasing reach while improving targeting and quality.

I found Socially Grown easy to trust and confidential from the earliest stages. They invested in getting to know me, my style and my requirements and their copy and design quickly matched the tone of my campaign – even across the Atlantic!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jen and her team and would recommend their style, approachability and deep experience.

Chloe Smith – Member of Parliament for Norwich North, UK

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