How To Profit From Social Media

Are you struggling to profit from social media?
Are you too dependent on Facebook Ads traffic?
Are you sick of wasting time, effort and money on “Likes”?

Check out this interview with Jen Sheahan & James Schramko where we cover EXACTLY how we get results here at Socially Grown.

Socially Grown is a Social Media Marketing Agency specializing in designing custom social media strategies for eCommerce, Political Campaigns, and Financial Institutions.


02:21 – From PPC ninja to social media
03:22 – Sustainable traffic with Facebook
04:53 – Fluff vs. serious marketing
06:34 – Social media in politics
09:07 – How Jen knows what she knows
12:14 – The biggest mistake
14:35 – Tools that help
16:32 – Are you in a rut?
18:35 – Being smart about retargeting
21:29 – One size does NOT fit all
24:58 – The steps to a winning content strategy
31:20 – The role of Instagram
34:06 – Possible challenges
34:43 – Who it works for
36:45 – Did you get it right?
38:34 – A quick recap
40:27 – What to do after this podcast
42:46 – The 411 plan

Strategic Social Media = No Fluff

Are you excited when you see new “Likes” on your Facebook page?

Do you check your Twitter “Followers” a few times a week?

A lot of business owners think these are valid metrics, and should be measured carefully. Here at Socially Grown, we disagree.

Social Media Secret Weapon- (1)

The truth is, if you only focus on getting more “likes”, you’re doing Social Media all wrong. You’re missing out on a whole range of social media benefits.

1. Social brings sales
2. Social builds a loyal customer base
3. Social is a long-lasting asset for years to come
4. Social is here to stay

Stop wasting time and money.

How? Reevaluate your priorities, change your focus, and get to work!

In case you need more …

Here’s 3 reasons you need a STRATEGIC Social Media plan:

1. Small Businesses can compete with large corporates

In fact, small businesses can often outsmart their larger competitors by being agile & clever. It used to be very difficult to compete with their giant advertising budgets. But social media has turned the tables on all that. Now, with a little planning and a smart strategy, you can reach your ideal clients faster, cheaper, and more often than ever before.

2. Freakishly targeted traffic

Seriously. Never before have we been able to pinpoint our ideal customers with such accuracy. Need to reach potential voters living in Norwich, UK? How about Women 55 and over who love hiking the hills of California? Looking for more rural customers in Iowa to buy your farm equipment? Australians who are passionate about craft beer?

No problem. They’re ALL on social media. In HUGE numbers.

3. YOU control the conversation

With a properly managed social media portfolio, you control the conversation around your brand. You can effectively listen in on conversations, suggest new products and solutions, follow up with potential customers, and generate enthusiasm around your topic. All of this drives interest in your products,  traffic to your website, and sales of your products.

Bottom line … Strategic social media is anything but fluff.

We cut through the noise, coordinate all of your social media content, strategically posting different pieces at different times, which drives large targeted traffic back to your website.

Start the ball rolling by downloading our Getting Started Checklist by entering your name & email into the box below. Then – check your email & verify your request. Immediately, you’ll receive your checklist.

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Social eCommerce: You Need To Know This

Introducing: Socially Grown 

Your one-stop solution for social media campaign planning, deployment, and staff training.

Socially Grown Chicago

In a recent study of over 16,000 business owners, the majority of respondents spent two hours a day promoting their businesses on social media, yet 40% of these professionals aren’t sure if their efforts are working.  10 hours a week are spent actively engaging in something they aren’t sure is working.

Can you afford to keep wasting time and money?

You need to know that you’re not alone.  We are here to help you.

Headquartered in Chicago, our experienced team goes in to “read the online landscape” of your industry to see how to create a vibrant online presence for your company.  We study your industry, your competition, your customers to see what is working, what’s not and what’s missing. Then we actively pursue those entry points online.


If you have an e-commerce site, we’re likely going to leverage your Pinterest account.  If you’re a politician running for office, we’ll most likely  leverage Twitter. Small businesses are most often successful with Instagram.

This isn’t a generic “fast food” social media approach.  This is one with the Own the Racecourse methodology in place (constantly looking to point back to your site) while actively engaging your audience and prospective clients.


We’ll keep you ahead of the curve.

We have over 7 years of proven experience in Social Media campaign management.
We even wrote a book about how to maximize your exposure & sales online with Social eCommerce.

With new social platforms popping up each year, new trends to watch, new ways to engage with prospective clients—it is very difficult to stay above the curve.  Our team will create custom images with your branding, and your only job is to approve and advise our efforts.

Our team studies these trends, stays ahead of the curve, and implement social media plans to drive traffic and increase sales.  We offer hand crafted custom images, articles and content to optimize your social media presence, provide social proof and keep you in all the right places online.

We offer concierge style services for online marketing, and we can help you too!

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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