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Are you an established eCommerce company struggling to see the value of Social Media?

Social media drives online sales. This is a fact.
I wrote a whole book about it –> Social eCommerce

How can we help?

Think of it as an established company moving in to a new city.  The business landscape in Perth or Sydney is much different than London or San Francisco.  Our company goes in to “read the online landscape” of your industry to see how to create a vibrant online presence for your company.  We study your industry, your competition, your customers to see what is working, what’s not and what’s missing. Then we actively pursue those entry points online.

If you have an e-commerce site, we’re likely going to leverage your Pinterest account.  This isn’t a generic “fast food” social media approach.  This is one with the Own the Racecourse methodology in place (constantly looking to point back to your site) while actively engaging your audience and prospective clients.  

In a recent study of over 16,000 business owners, the majority of respondents spent two hours a day promoting their businesses on social media, yet 40% of these professionals aren’t sure if their efforts are working.  10 hours a week are spent actively engaging in something they aren’t sure is working.

We think this is a waste of time.  With new social platforms popping up each year, new trends to watch, new ways to engage with prospective clients—it is very difficult to stay above the curve.  With our team, we create custom work with your branding where your only job is to approve and advise the efforts.

Our team studies these trends, stays ahead of the curve, and implement social media plans to drive traffic and increase sales.  We offer hand crafted custom images, articles and content to optimize your social media presence, provide social proof and keep you in all the right places online.

We offer concierge style services for online marketing. Let us help you too.

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