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I Will NOT Be Periscoping Today … Here’s Why

I will not be on Periscope today.

Or any other day. Ever.

Periscope is a waste of time

Dear Money Hungry Internet Marketer:
— I do NOT want to watch you beg a live audience for “more hearts” so you can drop ‘gold nuggets’ of awesome content.  No, thank you.

— I do NOT want to sit here and listen to a ‘business’ interview where you question one of your friends for 10 minutes about why she decided to cut her hair short.

— I do NOT want to waste another second watching you re-hash old training material and tell me how awesome you are.

I’ve got better things to do with my time, and my customers do too.

Periscope is NOT new.
It is NOT the next big thing.
It is a distraction – a shiny object.

Entrepreneurs are suckers for Shiny Objects.

Ever heard of Ustream or Live Stream? Live stream video is not a new concept. This is just a new generation of an old concept. We’ve been there, done that.

Let’s stay focused, people.

Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab entered the market this summer and all of a sudden, every ‘make money online’ internet marketer and his brother is spouting the virtues of “Scoping”.

I’m sick of it.

Client:  “Should I be on Periscope?”

Jen: “HELL NO!”

Of course, I say it in a much nicer way. But I explain to them how ridiculous it would be for an established business to waste hours every week “scoping” when they could be creating evergreen content that provides VALUE for years to come.

What is Periscope, Meerkat, Blab, Facebook Live?

For those of you who are lucky enough to have escaped the barrage of push notifications, and you’re wondering “What the hell is Jen ranting about?” … Here’s everything you need to know about Periscope in one sentence:

‘Scoping’ is something done by ‘Scopers’ – people who film themselves talking about nonsense live, online, while asking you to add ‘Hearts’ to boost their perceived value to gain more followers.


Don’t tell me you believe this is going to grow your business one iota.

It won’t.

Live stream video has been around a long time, and it will be around for a lot longer. It is NOT the key to long-term business growth. It is a TOOL, just like any other social media platform.

How about this concept …

If you have something of value to share, write about it, create a video, publish it, share it, promote it.

Otherwise, my clients and I are too busy building our businesses, putting value out into the world and enjoying life.




Face It, Your Social Media Sucks


Social Media Sucks


Idiots are spreading this message and it is FALSE.

100% False.
Not True.

If you believe this, you’ve got BIG PROBLEMS.

I get that you’re busy. You have a lot going on: Podcasts, Videos, Events, Interviews, etc. Where is all of that content sitting right now?

If someone is telling you that social is a waste of time, they’re doing it ALL WRONG.

Consider this …

Every single day, people are searching for you online.
What are they seeing?

Outdated social media branding?
Empty Instagram feed?
Vacant Twitter stream?
Dead Facebook page?

You’re a Leader – Innovator – Founder.
Can you afford this mismatch?
My guess is – NO – You can’t.

My advice?


Every day you wait, you LOSE.

You are
Losing traffic.
Losing sales.
Losing momentum.
Losing credibility.
Losing to your competitors.

Please, STOP waiting.

START by taking a step in the right direction.

Helping people like you is my specialty. I work with Thought Leaders, Founders, Leaders, Business Owners who are making an impact.

Get in touch with me via email – Jen (at) SociallyGrown (dot) com
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How Groupon Dominates Social Media Sales


Groupon has an excellent social media strategy. (Image: Flickr)


100% False. Not True. Lie. Inaccurate. Bullshit.

If your Social Media Manager, or Team, or Agency is telling you that you cannot sell using social media, you’ve got BIG PROBLEMS.

Every single day, our clients sell MORE with social traffic than any other source. Every day you wait, you’re LOSING traffic, losing sales, losing momentum.

Please, don’t wait any more.

There’s a lot we can learn from brands that are doing social right.

As with any online marketing strategies (like social, content, whitepapers, videos, infographics and so on), there are those companies that do it well, and those that struggle to get results. If you want to see your marketing take off, you have to be willing to study, to research, to experiment, to learn, and to adapt.

Therefore, learning from the best should be high on your priority list, don’t you think? Here is what Groupon is doing right, and how you can emulate their approach.

They Know How To Sell Well

Many companies tend to view social media as a sales engine, and it does have the potential to generate both leads and customers. You just have to understand how it’s different.

Groupon tends not to push anything on social, and you have but to follow them for a while to find out for yourself. On Twitter, they highlight interesting photos and products, they share fun and interesting tips about beach volleyball and the best seats on airplanes, and of course they post a lot of links to content on their website too. Their conduct is very similar on other social platforms like Facebook and Google+ as well.

And, again, the main thing is that they do it all because they know it all leads to a sale. They have a fun online personality, and aren’t afraid to have a sense of humor either.

Their Content Helps Build Relationships

Social media stategy

An effective social media strategy can help you to build trust with your customers. (Image: Flickr)

The backbone to a solid social media strategy is a great content strategy. When you have lots of interesting things to share with your audience, and you know what they’re likely to be interested in, you can create content that really resonates with them. Some basic demographic and psychographic information is the key here.

Need help with this process? Click Here to Download our Free Checklist.

One of the most effective uses of content is to establish credibility and trust with your visitors and customers. Groupon has a variety of different types of content. Sometimes they offer pet-friendly travel tips. At other times, they provide answers to questions people have about London vacations.

Their content is conversational. It’s varied. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it helps them build a rapport with their visitors. It helps them to spread their brand far and wide.

They Engage Visually

If you visit any of Groupon’s social channels, you’ll find it hard not to notice all of the colorful, beautiful and engaging pictures and videos. It has often been said that photos do well on social media, but you have to be able to choose, curate and craft appealing images if you want to do it right, and Groupon does just that.

Whether it’s exotic travel destinations, a kid having the time of his life on a waterslide, a cute bulldog puppy sitting in a travel bag, or delicious-looking Pad Thai dishes, you won’t find any shortage of pictures and images that will grab your attention.

If you want to engage on social, you need some kind of visual strategy. Some niches and industries are certainly harder than others, but every business has people in it, and faces are known to catch people’s attention online. So get creative, and have fun!

What are you waiting for?

Every business could use more targeted leads. Everyone could use a few more sales. It’s important to realize that you can start selling with social media TODAY. With things changing so fast, and competition heating up, setting up an effective social sales strategy is essential if you want your business to stay alive.

You need a plan. You need to implement that plan. Downloading our Getting Started Checklist is your first step: Download the Checklist Now

Are you ready to start generating social traffic, leads and sales? If so, get in touch with us. We love working with motivated people!